Newest Church Window Gets Dedication Service

St Agnes church window
Close to 100 people were in St Agnes church yesterday evening for the dedication for the new stained glass window.

Canon Paul Miller who conducted the service welcomed Chairman of Council Amanda Martin and the two St Agnes councillors, Mollie Peacock and Richard McCarthy.

The 35-minute service featured contributions from former churchwarden Jimmy Paget-Brown, who lives only a stones-throw from the church, and Oriel Hicks, who designed the window.

The bulk of the money for the window came from funds raised on the island.

The evening’s theme was ‘Let There Be Light,’ words from the Bible that Oriel has emblazoned across the window, below the image of the island’s 17th century lighthouse.

Pupils from the St Agnes school base performed music written by island resident Piers Lewin.

‘I Am The Light’ featured the church’s historical reed organ and a poetry reading by Oriel.

Piers wrote music for the St Agnes nativity last year but this is the time he has been asked to compose a piece to mark a specific event and he feels he’s created a piece with strong St Agnes links.

Piers says it’s a one-off and unlikely to be performed again. He says he quite likes the idea of music marking a single event in islands’ life.

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