Hospital Staff ‘Blown Away’ By Bed Push Support

charity bed push 2013

A group of eleven hospital, Health Centre and Park house staff spent yesterday pushing a patient around St Mary’s on an old iron bedstead.

It wasn’t some new form of therapy, but a way to raise cash for the Hospital League of Friends. And the patient was a four-foot high teddy bear.

Ce Hicks says the team, wearing fancy dress, intended to travel around the whole island during the day.

They left the hospital at 9am, then headed into Hugh Town and the quay.

In the afternoon, they went ‘up-country’ before heading back via Old Town and the school.

Ce said they were planning several ‘refreshment stops’ along the way.

As well as collecting money, they were also offering tickets to a raffle with a unique blanket, made by the staff, as the prize.

Hospital staff learned to crochet during the winter and everyone has produced a square.

The money raised will be used to enhance the hospital garden and improve accessibility for wheelchair users and less able-bodied visitors and islanders.

It’s part of the hospital’s re-ablement work, which means getting people who have been sick or suffered a fall back into action.

Ce said she was “blown away” by the support received from locals and visitors, including the passengers on The Island Rover who gave generously when the bed push reached Juliet’s Hill.

At 9pm last night, they’d totalled up £1,200 but Ce says there’s more to count.