Cost Of Wedding With A View Set To Rise

Register Office at Porthcressa

Register Office at Porthcressa

Getting married with a sea view at the new Register Office at Porthcressa is set to cost more after Councillors voted to change the status of the rooms where weddings and civil partnerships can take place.

Councils by law have to provide a statutory ‘Ceremony Room’ with a fee of £45 per wedding, and at the moment, this is the larger room with a view over the beach.

But Superintendent Registrar, Alison Gardner, has proposed making this room what’s called an ‘approved venue,’ similar to ones found elsewhere on the islands such as Juliet’s Garden, the Star Castle Hotel and the Old Wesleyan Chapel.

It means they can charge what they want for the room. Alison has proposed £130.

Statutory weddings costing £45 would take place in the smaller Superintendent’s Office.

It’s a novel way to raise income for the authority but Council Chairman Amanda Martin felt it was a ‘stealth tax.’

She wasn’t happy that the prices were being changed so soon after opening the new facility and while it might be good for their budgets, it would be bad for public relations.

“It’s purely and simply about making money, isn’t it?” asked Amanda, to which Alison replied, “yes.”

But Vice Chair of the P&R Committee, Richard McCarthy, said that a charge of £130 in the overall cost of a wedding, particularly one with such a beautiful sea view, didn’t seem particularly “Scrooge-like.”

And Cllr Gaz O’Neill said they’d still have the choice of paying £45, “to get married in the broom cupboard” if they wanted to.

Councillors voted to accept the proposal, which will be introduced next April.

There will also be changes to the times that ceremonies can take place following new legislation last October.

Alison says there used to be a limit on weddings and civil partnerships taking place between 8am and 6pm, but the government has now allowed a “Las-Vegas-style” free-for-all, with no time limits.

However, she proposed extending times on St Mary’s only to midnight and on the off-islands to sun down.

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