Refurbished Reservoir Back Online

buzza reservoir newThe newly refurbished Buzza reservoir has been returned to service.

This follows several months of work over the winter period in which the interior was reinforced with a concrete wall and a new roof placed on the tank. It was paid for as part of a £1.5m grant from Defra to improve the water supply on St Mary’s and Bryher.

The reservoir was built in 1924 and was expected to hold 40,000 gallons. But it started leaking almost as soon as it was opened, meaning it only ever held around 15,000 gallons.

The reservoir can now be filled to the top.

A new valve has also been fitted which will allow the reservoir to be isolated if maintenance is required in the future.

Data collected by the Council show that water consumption on St Mary’s continues to fall to levels last seen around 2009.

This is put down to reduced visitor numbers and more leaks being repaired.