Duchy Will Limit Water Use On New Porthloo Boat Park

porthloo glandore galleryThere will be restrictions on the use of water at the new Porthloo boat park, due to be built this winter.

The Duchy had requested a connection to the mains supply but there were concerns that boat owners could be using too much water during maintenance, such as when jet washing hulls.

To reduce waste, the Duchy will install special service bollards on the site with a prepayment meter that cuts off after a predetermined time.

These will also shut off the supply completely during the summer season, from May 31st to September 1st meaning there’s minimal impact on the mains supply during the time of the year when there’s most demand.

Rainwater will also be harvested and stored in three 10,000 litre tanks.

Councillors at last Thursday’s General Purposes meeting felt this was a sensible approach and approved the Duchy request for a connection.