TV Crew On Islands For Feature On HMS Colossus

Close up of 'Oscar', the carved figure from the stern of HMS Colossus

‘Oscar’, the carved figure from the stern of HMS Colossus

Another television film crew has been in the islands this week.

The team behind the ITV programme, ‘Britain’s Secret Treasures’ has been diving with Todd Stevens on the wreck of HMS Colossus.

It’s for a 10-minute segment on two Etruscan vases that came from the site and are now in the British Museum.

The crew interviewed Todd’s wife, Carmen, who discovered the famous stern carving from the 1787 wreck, which is now on display on Tresco.

Amanda Martin from the museum was also filmed with several artefacts from the ship, which remain in Scilly.

Britain’s Secret Treasures got an average of 5 million viewers during its first series and the piece on Scilly is expected to go out in October in a prime evening slot between two episodes of Coronation Street.