Chairman Says School Governor Resignation Won’t Cause Rift

The Five Islands School

The Five Islands School

The Chairman of the Five Islands School Governing Body, Ben Julian, says he doesn’t expect a rift to develop within that board following the resignation of a governor.

Helen Glenn quit on Friday.

Mrs Glenn won’t comment but we’ve seen the letter she has sent to all governors alleging that Ben Julian used “scare tactics” and “intimated her” into resigning.

Ben said that’s not what happened. The Chairman says he presented evidence to Mrs Glenn, which he felt might have indicated that she had broken the governors’ code of conduct. Then he offered Helen the option of a governors’ investigation or her resignation.

When she decided to resign that “was very much her decision,” he says.

We understand the issue relates to an email that has been uncovered. It was sent over 18 months ago to Mrs Glenn from the school and outlines proposals for after school day-care, when that service was being considered.

It was allegedly sent before other potential interested parties were notified of the plans. Mr Julian wouldn’t go into detail but said he’s contacted the Police over the issue.

In her letter Helen says she and her solicitor are confident that she’s done nothing wrong.

Helen has written that she feels her role has become compromised by events and feels undermined and discredited.

She says she will walk away and stop asking awkward questions.

She claims Mr Julian’s role is also untenable, a claim that he refutes.

Ben denies further allegations that he made negative comments about Mrs Glenn in email correspondence but he accepts that there has been a “robust exchange” of views between him and Mrs Glenn, “as happens sometimes between governors,” he says.

And while Mrs Glenn’s letter alleges that the governing body is breaching protocol under Mr Julian’s chairmanship, he says he’s been, “fastidious all the way through” and has been encouraged by his recent conversations with Oftsed.

Ben claims that the governors have had to deal with an extreme situation over the last year and he maintains they have acted reasonably and with the best interests of the school at heart.

He says Mrs Glenn has “done the right thing” in resigning.