Bailiffs Recover Unpaid Debts For Council

town hall 4 copyThe Council has used mainland bailiffs to recover outstanding debts.

Around £28,000 of a total of £44,000 owed in council tax and business rates has been recovered, with more due to come in from regular payment plans that have been set up.

Council spokesperson, George Pearson, said they were conscious of the need to be sensitive and discrete in such a close-knit community so used an experienced company, Duke’s Bailiffs.

They visited the islands in early May and visited various premises on the islands, as well as addresses on the mainland of former residents who owed monies.

The Council collects around £2.8 million in taxes every year and the vast majority pay promptly, says George.

Unfortunately there are a very small percentage of taxpayers who don’t pay and will not respond to bills, reminders or other communication.

The only recourse is seek a court order and, if the bill still remains unpaid, call in external help to collect the debts, he added.

The Council have advised anyone who may be having difficulty meeting payments to contact their finance team so they can assist and help them find a way to meet payments.