Services Restarting At New Carn Gwaval Home

sports hall 2The new home of Lifelong Learning and the Memory Café will be called the Carn Gwaval Community Wellbeing Centre.

Council officer Helen Pearce wanted to see if islanders could come up with a more creative label for the £600,000 redevelopment of the former primary school site but no better suggestions were adopted.

This project has been paid for with Big Lottery and Local Action Group money. St Mary’s builder Peter Green did the conversion work.

Lifelong Learning has just moved into the building and the Council’s Fitness Centre also forms part of the development.

There are bookable rooms for organisations and community groups to use for meetings, with space for up to 50 people.

The centre will have its own Sensory Garden within what was the old school courtyard, an Ofsted-registered crèche and both existing Memory Cafés are moving in.

“The job has gone well,” said Community Services chairman Richard McCarthy. ‘It’s been really good that we’ve had the opportunity to make the most of this building, tucked in as it is between the Sports Hall and the new school and get it revamped for use by the community as a whole.”

The Council will be holding an open day on Monday July 29th so members of the public can see what is on offer at the Centre.