Porthcressa Flats To Get Makeover In September

Porthcressa Flats

Porthcressa Flats

Work to tidy up the appearance of Porthcressa Flats should start in September, says the Council’s housing Officer, Ian Hamilton.

The scheme was approved back in October 2011 but Ian says it was delayed because even though it was tendered twice, only one contractor applied for the job.

Following a relaxation of the financial regulations and re-advertising, the Council has appointed mainland contractor R Kellows Ltd.

They will replace access stairways and redecorate the front of the building.

Other changes, which will be subject to gaining planning permission, will be new cedar timber cladding, similar to that on the new Porthcressa work units, more glass and wood on the staircases and re-instating the entrance porches.

In March last year, the current Chair of Council Amanda Martin, described the appearance of Porthcressa Flats as “a disgrace.”

There’s also good news a short distance away at Museum Flats. A plan to enclose the first floor walkway at the rear of the building is being drawn up.

Ian said it should provide residents with better protection from the elements and could solve the flooding problem in the museum on the ground floor.

He confirmed that the owners of two of the flats, which are in private hands, would be contributing to the costs.

The Council will be continuing to upgrade properties when they become vacant, according to the Government’s Decent Homes programme, even though that scheme has officially come to an end.

The Council’s Housing Reserve fund is also looking very healthy. A further £260,000 was added last year, taking the total to £1.4m.

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