Co-op To Reinstate Loose Fruit And Veg After Locals Complain

coop signCo-op’s national management have reacted to complaints by locals over stock changes.

We ‘ve heard from David Townend and Steve Manning who both wrote to the Co-op to say the Co-op’s recent policy to supply fruit and vegetables in multi packs not loose, disadvantages purchasers other than families, particularly the elderly, single people and visitors.

Loose mushrooms, tomatoes and leeks have recently disappeared from the shelves of the St Mary’s store.

David also feels the practice is not environmentally friendly, because the extra containers and packets need disposal.

Co-op headquarters in Manchester told Radio Scilly, that their product line is reviewed regularly according to demand. Some loose produce was recently removed from the store due to duplication, but they recognise that some of those items are popular with islanders and they will be reinstated.

Steve says he’s drawing up a list of other items which should be also offered loose, plus items no longer carried by the branch, while wife Pam is trying to get the local WI on board.

Steve feels other local groups should get involved as it affects everyday life on Scilly, particularly costs. He wants the tourist organisations and the Council, as well as local consumers, to pursue directly with the Co-operative management.

David is also asking local Co-op members to support Alan Davis’ latest bid for election to the Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Area Committee.

Co-operative members will receive a voting pack, which includes a ballot paper and booklet listing seven candidates who are standing for election for the five areas.

David feels that with a small population and a proportionately low number of Co-operative members, it is important islanders vote to elect a local to be our rep. He feels a Scilly resident on that committee would give islanders a better say.

But a spokesperson for The Co-operative said: “As a democratic organisation we are committed to ensuring that our members have a voice, and our elections are held in a fair and transparent manner. All candidates have a fair chance of election based on merit, regardless of their location.”