MP Speaks Out In Favour Of Duchy Of Cornwall

Scilly's MP, Andrew George

Scilly’s MP, Andrew George

The islands’ MP has spoken out in favour of the Duchy of Cornwall. The organisation has been in the national spotlight over their financial affairs this week.

Andrew George has called on the Duchy to “turn over a new leaf” and come clean about what it pays in tax.

He says they mostly pay tax on a voluntary basis because of their special historic status, but that also allows them to avoid capital gains and corporation tax.

There are calls for the Duchy to loose its right and be treated as a private estate, but the MP says he’s not sure whether that status would benefit locals.

He believes that Duchy provides a fairer relationship with tenants and leaseholders on the islands than a commercial landlord would. He wants the Duchy to build on that and offer more transparency, which would help clarify its unique constitutional role.