Council Could Lose Porthmellon Road Funding

wholesalers site 2The Council could lose a £111,000 grant to improve the road at Porthmellon Industrial Estate because the date for the work to be completed is about to expire.

The ERDF money was awarded in May 2011 to allow a new concrete surface to be laid.

There would also be ducting for broadband and electricity, as well as signage throughout the estate, including a large new entrance panel with directions and business names.

The contract was awarded to the Council’s Direct Labour Force and was due to be completed by March, but work hasn’t started yet.

The Council says the delay is due to “inclement weather and staff illness.”

A spokesperson from Convergence Cornwall told us that the work needs to be completed by the end of July and the money claimed by December.

And he said the Council would be expected to provide an explanation to the Department of Communities and Local Government if the dates have not been met.

He said they can request an extension but the government would need to agree to that.

Last March, businesses in Porthmellon sent a letter to the Council complaining about the state of the road and earlier this year, a large section outside the old wholesalers was dug up and left unfilled for weeks.