Choral Society Turns To Television To Pull In The Crowds

choral society 2013
St Mary’s Choral Society’s summer programme has begun. And conductor Len Michel is promising that this year’s repertoire will feature something to please everyone, with a mixture of traditional and modern pieces.

Len says they want to offer a more contemporary programme and will be performing their version of some familiar TV themes.

And Len says the tempo of songs like ‘I’ve Got You Under My Skin’ and ‘New York, New York’ means they’ve been challenging to learn and perform.

The group first started just after the war when the Methodist and Anglican Church singers combined forces.

At its height the group boasted 40 members and performed annually on Good Fridays, but that’s not happened for four years and the membership is currently down to 17.

Conductor Len Michel says they have 7 sopranos, 4 altos and 6 men, which means they can perform three-part harmony, although four-parts would be too much of a stretch.

And that’s why he’d like to hear from any potential new recruits especially youngsters and men.

The group is offering three concerts in July as well as one in August, which is their quietest month for attendance, and four in September.

They’re also hoping to visit and sing on St Martins this month and Bryher in August.