Your Name Could Appear On Club’s New Training Gig

gig junior rowers tregarthensYou could get your name, or your business, emblazoned on St Mary’s gig club’s newest training boat.

The club wants to buy the 15ft-rowing skiff to help coach the next generation of gig rowers.

And club chairman Andrew King says they’re willing to offer advertising space, or even naming rights, on the boat in return for a significant contribution to the costs.

They’ve already been given £4,755 from the AONB’s SDF fund, but need to match that with a further £2,077 before the money can be released.

Andrew says they’ve already found £1,000 but that means they’re still another £1,077 short.

The boat will allow any combination of one, two or three rowers to get out on the water, each learning different styles of rowing.

It means they don’t need a full crew of six, so people can train more often.

Andrew says the shortfall is equivalent to the cost of four new oars, which they need to buy because the skiff is smaller than a traditional gig and they can’t use the existing oars.

The club’s junior rowing programme, which has been running for six years, is already starting to show results with a good influx of younger rowers into the weekly adult races.

That includes a whole crew of young adults in the Islander gig, regularly competing at the front on Friday nights, says Andrew

He says the new skiff will help to introduce and develop even more young rowers to keep the popular island sport thriving.