Theatre Club Prepares For ‘Very Different Performance’ This Year

murder in company dave choddersThe Theatre Club’s summer production opens a week on Wednesday and it promises to be a very different experience from the usual performance.

Club member Dave Chodkiewicz said they’ve had a rocky start this year, after abandoning their original choice of play, Alan Aykbourn’s ‘Absurd Person Singular’.

That was because the Town Hall refurbishment had to go ahead this spring, meaning there was no suitable venue for a play that required such a complex set.

Instead they’ve decided to perform two short plays, also by Aykbourn; ‘Gosforth’s Fete’ and ‘Between Mouthfuls’.

The plays run back to back on the same night, and Dave said it’s tricky for the cast members to remember their different parts.

From Radio Scilly

Dave Chodkiewicz on this year’s summer plays

The performances take place in the Church Hall on St Mary’s and Dave feels the plays will work well in such an intimate setting.

There’s a limit of 45 people in the audience, who will move between two sets constructed in the hall. There’ll even be a marquee for one of the plays.

Dave says it will have a different feel to the Town Hall, with the audience close to the action, making it very atmospheric.

He says rehearsals are going well and the cast are looking forward to the opening night.

There will be eight performances through to the end of August and, if those go well, Dave says they’ll consider taking the plays to the off-islands in September.

‘Gosforth’s Fete’ and ‘Between Mouthfuls’ starts on Wednesday 10th July. Doors open at 7.30 pm for an 8pm start and tickets will be £4 adults and  £2 concessions.