Local Cautioned Following New Year Assault

Police light 2A man has been given a caution by St Mary’s police after admitting an assault.

It follows an incident at Tregarthen’s Hotel on New Year’s Eve.

Officers carried out extensive enquiries in the first weeks of the year, following the late night disorder in the early hours of New Year’s Day. The disturbance led to islands’ resident being hospitalised with a serious leg injury.

The caution is the end of the matter as far as police are concerned.

Witness who were expecting a trial have been told that will not now happen and PC Mat Collier says the victim has been informed of this outcome.

Sergeant Colin Taylor says the disorder was the result of an inability to drink in moderation.

On his Facebook page, he claims that the New Year’s celebration has been used as, “yet another reason for becoming vulnerable through alcohol but the blurred decision making that can follow has the potential to change lives.”