Keep Your Eyes Peeled For ‘Lonely Bouquets’

flowery wallIf you come across what looks like a lost bunch of flowers today, you might get to keep it.

Zoe Julian from Churchtown Farm Flowers on St Martin’s has hidden a bouquet on each inhabited island and they’re just waiting to be found.

That is, except the one on Bryher, which was discovered yesterday by a delighted guest staying with Issy Tibbs at Samson Hill Cottage.

It’s part of the global ‘Lonely Bouquet Day’ where people are being asked to leave flowers for strangers to find.

If you see the flowers, which are clearly marked a label saying ‘I’m not lost, adopt me’, then they’re yours to keep. Or, says Zoe, you can pass them on to someone you think deserves them more.

All she asks is that you let her know who discovered the blooms.

Zoe said it’s a bit of fun, designed to “spread smiles one flower at a time.”

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