Islanders Set To Hear Whether Pendrathen Will Be Waste Site

Pendrathen quarry

Pendrathen quarry

Councillors will hear whether Pendrathen and Porth Wreck will become refuse sites next week.

The General Purposes meeting on Thursday will hear the recommendations from Council consultants SLR.

It’s the first output from the public consultation earlier this year on the use of Pendrathen and Porth Wreck as potential refuse sites.

That culminated in an angry meeting on March 26th, where both residents and councillors voiced their mistrust of certain officers in handling the issue.

The Council says the report will be presented at the meeting by Andy Street from SLR, although this hasn’t been made public yet.

Councils are obliged by law to make reports available at least 3 days before meetings.

The agenda also reveals that an SLR employee, Mike Hession, has been appointed as ‘Interim Compliance Officer’ for the operation of the Moorwell incinerator.

It says that the Environment Agency has been bringing increasing pressure on the Council to improve the operation of the plant and the move is “absolutely essential” to avoid prosecution by the agency.

Ray Wornes lives at McFarland’s Down and has been a vocal opponent of plans to dump inert waste at Pendrathen.

He was involved in the public enquiry in 1987, which ruled out the use of that area for dumping, and he’s astonished that the Council has recommended it again.

He claims there’s been no discussion with senior Council officers since the March meeting, and says he hopes common sense will prevail and they’ll rule out the use of these sites

Ray believes the Council needs to look again at recycling more material and transporting it to the mainland for treatment. He’s spoken to local authorities who recycle 70% of their household waste, something he alleges SLR told him couldn’t be done here, and says there is more than enough freight capacity on the Gry Maritha.

And he wants the Council to think again about having kerbside recycling collections, something ruled out in the initial consultation.

Ray says they need to go back to square one and look at every aspect of the process, including waste incineration.

That creates pollution, he says, and uses up tonnes of fuel, which is environmentally unfriendly and costs the Council over £100,000 a year.

Ray is hoping that Pendrathen could be cleaned and put to more productive use. He says it’s one of the best places to watch the sun going down on St Mary’s and believes it could be turned into an open-air theatre to rival Cornwall’s famous Minack Theatre.

The General Purposes Meeting takes place on Thursday at 6.30pm.

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