Park House Using Novel Ways To Get Community Involved

park house summerOur islands’ care home, Park House, is coming up with some novel ways of getting the community involved in the daily life of residents.

Next Friday, they’re asking people to come along for a fish and chip lunch and there are even plans for a summer ball.

Active Living Coordinator Leonie Jones says it’s a way to encourage people to come into the home and make friends with the residents.

Leonie says they love the opportunity to talk to new people and just having a meaningful conversation over a cup of tea for fifteen minutes can make a huge difference to their day.

Head of Adult Social Services, Clive Acraman, says it’s not always possible with staffing levels for everyone to get full attention every minute of the day, so this is a way to get the whole community involved.

The fish and chip lunch was the idea of Park house cook, Mark Twynham and Clive thinks it will be a popular event. Many people know Mark’s food from his time at the Scillonian Club.

And he says local businesses shouldn’t be concerned about the competition – it’s a one-off event being held during the lunchtime only.

They’ll be charging people £6.50 which will go towards items that will make the home more comfortable, including games, digital photo frames to help stimulate memories and items for the new roof garden.

Leonie’s grateful to locals who donated plants for it and says it’s developing very well. Hopefully the residents will be able to use it for outdoor activities like skittles or to nip out and get some sunshine, she says.

The fish and chip lunch is at Park House on the 5th July. You can book on 422699 and there will also be takeaway lunches available on the day.

One Response to Park House Using Novel Ways To Get Community Involved

  1. Liz Martland June 28, 2013 at 8:33 am

    Well done Mark on a good idea to bring people into Park House. HOWEVER please take into consideration the residents of Park House are elderly, frail & vulnerable & are there because they can no longer live independently & must feel a certain amount of defeat. i speak for my father who was there for the last three years of his life. He was intelligent & a gentleman but not always regarded as such. He was a private man in his latter years & loved nothing more than the staff popping into his room for a chat, but sadly a lot always seemed too busy. Talking is a great stimulant for elderly people – spending hours & hours in loneliness with nothing but their thoughts of the past is too sad – it will happen to us all eventually.
    A Summer Ball – in a home for the elderly!?……..