Is Scilly Really Sub-Tropical?

agnes lane flowers 2
A St Martin’s resident has written to the Met Office to find out whether the Isles of Scilly can really call themselves ‘sub-tropical.’

Warren Neill, who looks after the St Martin’s website says he’d originally used that description in the title of his site, but someone wrote to him to say it was not correct.

He checked on the internet, and found the official classification is ‘temperate’ or ‘oceanic’ but wrote to the UK’s official weather body to find out if ‘sub-tropical’ might be used as a loose term because of the the plant-life here.

But the reply from the Met Office might have made things even more confusing.

Apparently, we’re not, in the full sense of the word, sub-tropical.

But we are ‘a temperate climate with sub-tropical characteristics.’

Amanda Shepherd from tourism consultants Blue Sail, who three years ago produced a strategy for the industry on the islands, warned against using terms like ‘sub-tropical’ and ‘paradise’ in marketing material.

She said this is because people have become cynical about advertising and can’t believe this description could apply to somewhere in England.