Duchy Making Major Investments In Infrastructure At St Mary’s Harbour

minerva cruise ship and harbourAttendees at Tuesday’s Harbour Users meeting have heard the Duchy is embarking on a major investment project to renew the infrastructure at St Mary’s harbour.

Harbourmaster Dale Clark says the yacht-mooring grid is going to be completely replaced. It’s several years since it was installed and the metal chains have been gradually decaying over time.

It’s come to the point where they can’t keep patching it up, he says, so from mid October, all 2km of chain will be ripped up and renewed.

Dale says there’s likely to be some disruption for visiting yachts, as there’ll be no mooring in place, but most of the local boats will likely be out of the water by then.

It represents a huge investment by the Duchy and one that most people will never see, as it’s under water. But Dale says it will provide safe, secure mooring for visitors for many years to come, which is good for the tourist economy.

In addition to the grid, there’ll also be new mooring rings and fendering on the quay itself, together with more security chain around the steps. The improvements to Porthloo Boat park are also due to begin later this year.

Harbour users heard there’s likely to be increased use of the harbour in the coming year.

Around 2,000 tonnes of building aggregate is being shipped to St Agnes for road repairs and that’s coming in small, 50 tonne batches on the Gry Maritha and Lynosse Lady.

Dale says it’s a massive amount of extra freight, considering they normally handle around 15,000 tonnes for the whole islands. And if funding comes through for the proposed St Mary’s quay and airport improvement plans, then that total could rise significantly.

Dale said an officer from the MCA, who is on the islands this week, also attended the meeting. He’s been inspecting passenger boats, particularly their risk assessments, and Dale says there doesn’t seem to have been any problems uncovered.

The group were keen to learn from the recent incidents that have happened on the quay.

He said they spent some time discussing the events surrounding the Windrose yacht, where a man died last Monday after the boat was raided by Border Force officials.

They also reviewed the grounding of the Scillonian in May and an incident where a buggy almost went over the quay.