Islanders Attend Queen’s Garden Party

Buckingham PalaceIslands’ residents have attended the Queen’s Garden party at Buckingham Palace this month.

Every year, members of Council are asked if they would like to represent Scilly at the event.

This year, Chris and Sheila Thomas, together with St Agnes councillor Richard McCarthy were chosen.

Sheila says she enjoyed her first Royal Garden Party although they had a big list of ‘do’s and don’t’s’ beforehand, including what to wear, not to bring cameras or phones, no backpacks and no medals!

She described Buckingham Palace as spectacular, although she wasn’t one of the few people chosen on the day to actually meet the queen.

Prince Philips was very close to her and Chris and Sheila says he looked unwell, although he was still laughing and joking with everyone. It was the same afternoon that he went into hospital for surgery.