Golf Club Makes U-Turn Over Bus Ban

katie tour busIt looks like Island Rover bus trip visitors will continue to be able to enjoy the view from Golf Course Lane.

Yesterday, Radio Scilly broadcast an interview with bus operator Glynne Lucas. He said he felt “gutted” after the club secretary Peter Leahy wrote saying they didn’t want the tour bus turning around at the entrance to the lane.

Glynne was told that visitors wouldn’t be allowed to walk on the road anymore because the club’s insurance didn’t cover them.

But since yesterday’s broadcast, the club had made a U-turn. Club Captain Dennis Milligan and Richard Chiverton called an urgent meeting with Glynne.

They effectively ripped up Mr Leahy’s letter.

Glynne says he’s pleased. The only stipulation is that the Glynne accompanies his tour bus passengers down the lane when they take pictures or admire the view.

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