Council Volunteers Will Allow Shelter To Opening Longer

porthcressa schiller shelterThe Schiller Shelter will soon be open until 7pm.

The extended hours could be introduced during the next week after Council Chairman Amanda Martin intervened, following complaints that the building was being locked when the TIC shut at 5.30pm.

The Council has emailed all staff and councillors to try and find a rota of unpaid volunteers to babysit the building until 7pm Monday to Saturday and 5pm on Sundays.

Amanda says 7pm is a reasonable closing time as people tend to go for food or slide shows after then. And she says this means the new shelter will be open longer than the previous building was.

Council Press officer George Pearson says the new Tourist Information Centre in the shelter is proving popular.

Last week a total of 1,876 people requested information there, which is up on last year’s figures.

Former councillor Sheila Thomas has launched an emotive campaign to extend opening hours.

She’s been so dedicated to extending access for visitors to use the facility to eat their fish and chips, that some locals have dubbed the facility the “Sheila Shelter.”

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