Business Up For Sale Takes Novel Approach For Buyer

dairyAn islands’ business that’s up for sale has come up with a novel way to get a buyer.

The Dairy on the Strand in St Mary’s, has been on the market for over two years, with no takers.

So the owners have decided to offer a £1,000 reward for anyone who introduces them to the person who successfully goes on to buy the business.

KT Steggles says her and partner Scott Zwetsloot are keen to move to their smallholding in Montgomeryshire in the Welsh borders.

She says the dairy is a good business, with the island’s milk round, a shop and a café.

There’s also a recently converted holiday flat together with accommodation for the owners.

KT says there has been lots of interest but no-one’s put in an offer yet.

She’s hoping their unusual approach, which has been advertised on their Facebook page, will get the message out and help them to find a buyer soon.

The property is on the market with Island Properties.