Tour Bus Owner ‘Gutted’ At Being Banned By Golf Club

Island Rover bus at the entrance to Golf Course Lane

Island Rover bus at the entrance to Golf Course Lane


The owner of a local tour bus says he’s “gutted” that the Golf Club want to stop his passengers from taking in the view from their private lane.

Glynne Lucas received a letter yesterday from Golf Club Secretary Peter Leahy, telling him that they will no longer allow him to use the junction of Golf Course Lane, owned by the Club, to turn his bus or park, while passengers get off.

The Club has accused him of damaging the tarmac at the end of the road, which they say is now deteriorating rapidly, and also the seat on the grass verge.

They say he agreed several years ago that he should turn in the driveway of the property opposite although Glynne disputes that, saying it’s too narrow.

He’s also been told that tourists can’t walk along the lane to see the view because the Club’s insurance only covers members and paying customers. He doesn’t drive the bus up the lane itself.

Glynne says it’s “petty and selfish” and he’s disappointed they’ve done this.

He says it’s the best view on the islands and the only place people can take in the scene across to the Bishop Rock Lighthouse, now that the trees have grown too tall at Telegraph.

And people appreciate the view so much that they often say thank you to him for sharing it when they get back to the bus.

One option would be to let people stop for a coffee at the clubhouse, but there isn’t time he says, and he believes many people actually go back for lunch or dinner after seeing the views and the advertising signs for the restaurant.

Glynne says he’s at a loss to know what to do next.

We contacted the Golf Club Secretary, Peter Leahy for a comment but he declined our offer.


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