Penzance Town Council Agrees To Harbour Works

Penzance Harbour

Penzance Harbour

It seems likely that plans to extend and develop St Mary’s quay will be able to move forward and a decision on whether the works will be funded could be made by July.

That’s the view of the Council’s Strategic Investment officer Diana Mompoloki.

The decision by Penzance councillors to agree their harbour plans is being viewed by our Council as a positive development after a year of uncertainty and disagreements on the mainland.

Our project is linked to the mainland scheme and St Mary’s improvements won’t receive funding from the Department for Transport until Penzance plans are finalised.

Penzance Town Council has agreed a limited amount of rock armour of the south wall of the harbour to prevent over topping in storms. That should provide some protection to the current and next Scillonian ferries and there’ll be a deep dredge of the harbour.

Penzance councillor Dick Cliffe tells Radio Scilly that there are lots of new councillors and there will be a positive attitude. He’s pleased that the town has passed the plan instead of  “shooting itself in the foot”, which he says they have done in the past.

Cornwall Council’s Transport Lead, Cllr Bert Biscoe says his authority supports the limited rock armour and they’ll tell Transport Minister Norman Baker that the approval is an expression of consensus for a scheme, which will secure the ability of the Steamship Company to dock in Penzance.

He said Cornwall also fully supports for the works at St Mary’s harbour.

Both plans will be reviewed by the Department of Transport who will decide whether they wish to pay half of the costs. As Penzance has now decided its plan, Diana says they can now apply for the 50% European grant funding for the £16m scheme.