Food And Photography In Latest LAG Awards

economic development eco dev signFood and photography feature in the latest grant awards from the Local Action Group.

Claire Riley, who studied photography at college, has been awarded £2,600 to turn the ground floor of the former Island Properties building into a photographic art gallery.

Claire will be displaying and selling prints and she’ll host other islands’ artists work.

Local practitioners will be able to rent space and Claire will provide therapeutic treatments too. She’s currently arranging licenses for facial piercing.

And there’s good news for food lovers. Pom Ellis, who used to cook for military chiefs in her native Thailand and has cooked at a number of restaurants and cafes on St Mary’s, will be providing takeaway food.

The LAG has granted her around £9,000 for a mobile kitchen, which is 50% of the cost of the fully motorised vehicle. It will operate from The Strand.

The assessors felt that the service would be of particular interest to people staying in self-catering accommodation.

Pom’s will be the second mobile food takeaway funded recently. The Reynolds’ mobile crêpe business started trading adjacent to the Chip Van, behind the Town Hall, this week.