Scallop Dredging By-Law In Scilly Opposed By Cornish Fishermen

matt lethbridge sea fisheries vessel 2Plans to ban scallop dredging within 6 miles of Scilly are being opposed by Cornish fisherman.

Maritime Officer Steve Watt feels the regulation is required because dredging damages the seabed and the ecosystem. He says 40% of crabs and shellfish in the dredged trench die.

The closing date for objections to a by-law proposed by the islands’ inshore fisheries and conservation authority has just passed.

Five objections have been received, one from a Cornish fishing body, which claims that the ban is an overreaction. There hasn’t been any dredging for three years so Steve says their arguments that their business will be affected doesn’t wash. But they’ve responded claiming poor weather has put them off.

There will be further consultant with objectors and the IFCA will meet on the 6th of August to discuss the by-law.