New Environmental Partnership Appoints First Chairman

porthloo viewA new body that aims to set the environmental strategy for Scilly and Cornwall has appointed its first chairman.

Alan Knight, who lives in Perranporth will head up the area’s Environment Partnership.

It’s one of the new Local Nature Partnerships being created by the government and our isup one of the first in the country to be established.

Its remit is vague, though. It will encourage our Council, official bodies and quangos to consider the importance of the environment in their strategy.

They’ll work closely with the health boards on both sides of the water, because maintaining the environment is seen as important to health and wellbeing.

Currently in Scilly the AONB, the Council and the Wildlife Trust have their own environmental blueprints. But the new body will aim to set overarching strategy across the region, in the same way that the Local Enterprise Partnership sets the agenda for regional economic development.

Like the LEP, this new body hopes to access and distribute grants in the future.

Planning and Development Committee Chairman, Cllr Gaz O’Neill will represent Scilly on the board.

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