MP Says Helicopter Plans For Scilly Still Progressing

An AgustaWestland 189 Helicopter

An AgustaWestland 189 Helicopter

Scilly’s MP is still in talks with AgustaWestland in connection with restarting a helicopter service to Scilly.

Andrew George met the company Co-Chairman Graham Cole at their London offices on Friday. And Mr George says further meetings are planned in a few weeks.

Andrew says AgustaWestland are continuing to number crunch and that it’s “tough” but “it’s coming out right at the moment.”

It’s understood that the company has offered the loan of a helicopter to start the service.

While he was in London, the MP viewed their new AW189 19-seater helicopter. It’s on display in the foyer of the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills.

That model will be available from 2015.

If a service restarted next year, the smaller 12-seat AW139 would be used.

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