Visitors Helped After Missing The Boat

Mundesley House

Mundesley House

A group of stranded Chinese visitors experienced an extended Scilly welcome on Friday when police, school boarding house staff and the Steamship Company stepped in to help them.

The five visitors booked a day return on the Scillonian III on Friday but, despite tannoy announcements, they didn’t recognise that the boat was leaving 90 minutes early because of forecast bad weather.

When they returned to the quay, the boat had gone.

A taxi driver took them free of charge to the airport but flights were cancelled because of poor visibility.

It emerged that the group had left their credit cards at their Penzance accommodation and they had brought only £200 spending money, so they couldn’t pay for a B&B.

PC Faye Webb stepped in and arranged for the party to stay at the Pellistry campsite, but when she checked on them at 10pm it was clear that they were not dressed for the cold conditions.

Faye asked the school boarding house to take the group in.

The Chinese professionals, all in their late 20s, had to be at Heathrow for their return flight to China on Saturday evening so Skybus put them on an early Saturday flight at no extra charge.

Faye says the party was greatly helped by islanders who went beyond the call of duty to assist.

She says they wanted to visit the islands because they’d read how beautiful they were on the internet.