St Mary’s Scilly Lifeboat out on a shout

St Mary’s Lifeboat is currently out on a call, bringing a Dutch sailor into St Mary’s.
The Whiteheads was called out at 2.10pm and is on it’s way to a point 9 miles South-West of Scilly.
A solo yachtsman called for assistance. He was heading for Falmouth when he contacted the Coastguard claiming he was tired and also concerned about his ability to navigate to shelter in Scilly in the current sea conditions. Coastguards say he has come from ‘out in the Atlantic’ but they are unsure of where he has been traveling from at the moment.
The rigging, on his 36-foot yacht, is said to be "deteriorating" although Coastguards say it is still up at the moment.
We’ll have updates later on Scilly Today.