Rugby Charity Calls Off Scilly To Land’s End Gig Row

bath rugby row June 2013A charity gig row from Scilly to Land’s End has been postponed due to the forecast bad weather.

The group were raising money for the Bath Rugby Foundation, which provides opportunities for disadvantaged children to build life skills and to take part in sports that they wouldn’t normally have access to.

Halena Coury and Vicky Heslop from the Foundation came to the studio yesterday to talk about the row and what a massive challenge it would be for the participants.

They’re all novices apart from two experienced rowers in the team, World Champion Natalie Grose and endurance rower Shelley Cook.

They had been lent boats by Mount’s Bay and Cape Cornwall Gig Clubs, which were brought over to Scilly by the Steamship Company ready for the attempt this weekend.

Halena said the rowers had been training in Weymouth and Bristol since Christmas.

The team say they know how disappointed the rowers and fundraiser will be, but Halena told us yesterday that, if they couldn’t make the attempt this weekend, they would likely try again in September.