Council Chairman Says TIC Situation ‘Cannot Be Allowed To Drift’

tourist info schiller shelterThe Chairman of the Council says the current situation with the TIC needs prompt attention and can’t be allowed to drift.

Responding to recent criticism over the move of the information service to the new Schiller Shelter at Porthcressa, Amanda Martin says her views are mixed on whether the location is right.

She feels that Porthcressa is a good location and there was a need for the Council to save money on its lease at the Steamship Company. And she says first impressions are that it’s working well in its new home.

But she concedes that the original function of the building was as a public shelter and she has sympathy “with people who want to eat their fish and chips in the dry and warm.”

She’s called for the opening hours to extended.

Amanda wouldn’t be drawn on if and when the TIC would be taken over by the Islands Partnership, the private-sector body set up to drive tourism on the islands.

From Radio Scilly

amanda martin

Chairman Amanda Martin talks about Council cuts and the TIC

She says it’s unfair to expect such a new body to take on everything at once and it was always agreed that there would be a gradual transfer.

Amanda wants a “proper, careful analysis” of the responsibilities of the TIC and the income it generates. She says there shouldn’t be a knee-jerk reaction.

But she says there’s no wish by the Council to hold onto services unnecessarily, especially as every budget is now under review.

Staffing the TIC with volunteers has been suggested, but Amanda feels this needs to be thought through, as they could be called on to man the desk at unsociable hours, such as weekends.

There has to be a proper conversation between the Council, the Partnership and the members of the public who use it, she says.

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