Sports Hall Cracks Part Of Snagging Says Council

sports hall_interiorThe Town Hall says there’s no need to worry about cracks that have started to appear in the new £1.1m sports hall.

Pictures of the walls have been posted on Facebook this week and they appear to show multiple deep and long cracks along internal walls.

Press officer George Pearson says the building is still in the ‘snagging’ phase and a Kier sub-contractor discovered the issue yesterday, while they were carrying out remediation of defects.

Sports Hall Manager Tess Lloyd has contacted the project manager, Phil Osmond, who is coming to inspect the site today. He has arranged to meet with Kier to assess the required works.

One Response to Sports Hall Cracks Part Of Snagging Says Council

  1. Twoflower June 16, 2013 at 9:48 pm

    Do the coincide with the unstraight wall at the back? If so oh no!