Council Close To Establishing Waste Forum

The incinerator at Moorwell

The incinerator at Moorwell

The Council could be close to setting up a waste forum, to allow locals to have more of a say in how those services are delivered.

Back in March, the former Chairman of the General Purposes committee, Fred Ticehurst, rejected a formal request to consider creating a Council waste subcommittee.

Cllr Ticehurst lost his seat in the May elections.

But yesterday, the Council’s new Chairman, Amanda Martin, says she thinks it’s is a good idea and “the sooner they can set one up, the better.”

She says she can’t say what form the sub-group would take at the moment, as it has to be done legally, but it would report back through the General Purposes Committee.

She says she’s written to the new chair of that committee, Cllr Steve Sims, to discuss it.

From Radio Scilly

amanda martin

Chairman Amanda Martin gives us an update on waste and leaks from the Town Hall

Amanda says she wants a representative group of people on the forum.

It will be easy to invite someone from the Moorwell Improvement Group, she says, which is already a properly constituted group, but they’d also need to look at who could represent other interested parties like the residents around Pendrathen.

Amanda says she’s not interested in ticking boxes. She wants a meaningful discussion and real outcomes from any forum that’s put in place.

Earlier this year, SLR, the council’s waste consultants, ran several public sessions to get locals feedback on the waste management plan.

Amanda says the outcome of that hasn’t been received yet and she doesn’t know whether they’ll be presenting at the next GP meeting in July.

But she says she’s chasing it up.