Tresco’s Gardens Attracting Visitors To Scilly

tresco abbey gardens 2Tresco’s Abbey Gardens are still the biggest single draw for visitors to Scilly and they could become more important.

Curator Mike Nelhams says research out this week by Visit Britain reveals that one third of the UK’s 31 million annual visitors take in at least one garden and it’s a growth area for some nationalities.

The national tourist body says Argentineans in particular love gardens, with almost 70% taking in at least one during a UK trip.

Mike says in the past fortnight, the international appeal of the gardens amongst cruise ship visitors has been apparent, with Australian and Italians taking visiting Tresco.

Television programmes have encouraged an interest in gardening and growing food for sustainability, especially among a new generation of gardeners.

But while the profile of garden visitors upcountry seems to be getting younger, Tresco Abbey Gardens remain broadly in line with the older age profile of visitors to the islands.

Mike says despite the downturn in the tourism economy across the southwest, Tresco’s garden remains the key attraction for encouraging visitors here and there was a great deal of interest expressed by visitors to the recent Royal Cornwall show.

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