Redwing Championships To Go International

redwings 2The Redwing Championships, which were held in Scilly this year, are set to become an international event.

Redwing enthusiast Keith Buchanan says the organisers have agreed to stage the event in St Brieuc in Brittany in 2014 and he says everyone is looking forward to the new setting.

This week Keith met with members of a sailing club from the French town.

They’ve sailed over on ‘Le Grand Lejon’ a 1992 replica of a Victorian-era lugger.

Over the past 20 years, skipper Philippe Saudreau has been sailing the vessel to Looe’s Lugger Festival, and it was there that he learnt about Redwings, traditionally made in the town.

He’s now been given one, which will be restored for use in France, with help from enthusiasts like Keith.

Keith says hosting the Redwing Championships between Looe, St Brieuc, West Wales and Scilly makes sense because there are strong links between the regions.

And with the growing Redwing fleet here and the French interest, Keith thinks there’s potential to develop the Redwing championships further.

He says there are many similarities with gigs, both types of boats being old, traditional designs that look beautiful out on the water, and he thinks they could emulate the success of the gig movement.