Scilly’s Quays Pass Government Inspection

Higher Town Quay, St Martin's

Higher Town Quay, St Martin’s

St Mary’s harbour and off-island quay operations have passed inspection by the Department for Transport port shipping and security team.

Two inspectors from the agency, formerly known as Transec, came to inspect paperwork and talk with staff last Thursday.

They wanted to make sure that processes are in place for dealing with passengers and crew leaving and joining cruise ships.

St Mary’s harbourmaster Dale Clark explained that a temporary restricted area was set up when the ships visited St Mary’s and the off–islands and that harbour personnel check passes.

The visiting officials went to see St Agnes quay and Higher Town Quay on St Martin’s.

It’s the third visit in three years by the agency and the inspectors asked harbour staff to undertake a security exercise before the end of June, which won’t impact on passengers. It’ll be a security drill.

Dale says he assured the inspectors that’s the quay could respond to any heightened level of security within 24 hours if there was an identified threat.