Bishop Says Diocese Can Learn From School Enquiry

bishop truro tim thorntonThe Bishop of Truro has said he will welcome the results of a Department for Education enquiry into governance at the Five Islands School

Tim Thornton says he hopes the report, which hasn’t yet been published, will clarify the processes involved when the former head teacher Bryce Wilby was suspended and subsequently resigned from his position last year.

And he says everyone, including the diocese, can learn from these matters.

Bishop Tim says things shouldn’t be covered up and anything that needs to be dealt with should be done through the proper channels. If mistakes have been made, then they’ll look at how the processes can be changed.

The Bishop is on a three-day visit to the islands, during which he’s been involved in the first confirmation ceremony on Bryher and will meet with parishioners across the islands.

From Radio Scilly

The Bishop of Truro, Tim Thornton, talks about the Five Islands School

He says he wants to encourage those people who feel there are questions about the school still left unanswered to move forward. But he adds that, in his experience, even when the facts have been released, people will still say there’s another document that they haven’t seen.

Bishop Tim says with a new head teacher coming, and the governors working closely with her, he’ll be looking at how he can support them.

And he feels the priority of everyone on the islands should be helping the young people at the school in their learning and development.

Tim says the diocese has been sending a church governor, Simon Cade, to work with the school board, which he feels is important, given the higher priority that the government are putting a good governance.

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