Scilly’s Sunshine Helping To Fund School Activities

school solar panel cheque

The plan to generate solar energy on the roof of the Sports Hall has paid off handsomely for the school and the Council.

The Five Islands School Green Team has just accepted the first cheque for £4,903, which is their share of the income generated from the solar array.

Much of the electricity generated from the PV panels is used to run the sports hall, while money raised by selling the excess electricity back into the grid is split equally between the school and the Council.

Chairman of Community Services Richard McCarthy said it was nice to be working successfully together with the school on such a positive forward-looking project.

Richard says he hopes they’ll be in a position to deliver many more cheques in the future.

Jonathan Smith from Transition Scilly said it’s very encouraging to see how the community is benefiting from renewable energy, environmentally and financially.

Solar PV panels still represent a good investment, he said, and while the Feed in Tariffs have reduced, so have the capital costs of the systems.

Scilly has the best sunshine levels in Britain, says Jonathan, so there’s no better place to have them.



Photo from left to right: Kevin Leeman, Lilly McBride, Brienna Hick, Maxine Cole, Emily Pender