Parish Church Decked With Flowers For Annual Festival

flower festival june 2013
Up to 200 people are expected to visit the Parish church each day until Friday as the annual Flower Festival fills the building with colour and floral fragrance.

The theme is summer and islands women have created designs to meet that brief.

Three new flower arrangers have joined the group this year, following Jane’s appeal for more helpers.

Their 21 displays range from a Samson sunset, with bands of red, yellow and orange flowers to a representation of May Day. There’s also cupcakes made out of flowers, a floral wedding cake complete with champagne and a nautical themed corner with flower lobster pots and crabs.

And to celebrate the Queen’s 60 year reign, there’s a tribute to Her Majesty, which includes flowers shaped into a crown.

From Radio Scilly

jane chiverton

Jane Chiverton describes this year’s Church Flower Festival

Organiser Jane Chiverton says she’s particularly pleased with that as she personally attended the coronation celebrations on Pall Mall London as a young girl. Her coronation book forms part of the display.

Jane says the women have spent weeks planning the displays, and putting them together can take up to five hours.

Although some of the more exotic flowers are imported, most of them come from the islands, which Jane says makes it a really local show.

The Bishop of Truro, who is visiting the islands this week, has been in to view their handiwork and money raised will go towards the maintenance of the stained-glass windows.

There are refreshments and cakes available in the Church Pavilion during the four day event, which runs from today until Friday, 9.30am to 6pm.

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