Police Taking Targeted Approach To Bike Theft

bikes in rackThe islands’ Police say they’re stepping up their campaign to stop people from ‘borrowing’ bikes without the owners consent on St Mary’s.

PC Mat Collier says they’re going to take a more targeted approach to the issue and will try to identify people who aren’t on their own bikes late at night, when the majority of the ‘taking without the owners consent’ or TWOC cases occur.

Mat says the police are currently investigating one case in which a bike was allegedly stolen and it took three weeks to reunite the owner with it.

And he says there will be less tolerance for actual theft from bikes. There have been cases recently where lights and wheels have been taken.

From Radio Scilly

PC Mat Collier talks about bike theft on Island Beat

Matt says there is a responsibility on everyone to protect their own property and if you don’t want your bike to be taken then lock it up. That’s even more important if it’s your main form of transport, he adds.

Mat says generally bikes are safe here, especially if left unlocked during the day, and they’ve mainly been going missing late at night.

These types of crimes are unlikely to end up in court, he says, but they would probably warrant some form of restorative justice, like a public apology.


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