Healthwatch Hold First AGM Following Transition From LINk4Scilly

St Mary's Hospital

St Mary’s Hospital

The board for the local healthcare scrutiny group Healthwatch was elected last night during their first AGM at the Church Pavilion.

Adrian Davis, Tracy Smith, Barbara Jones, Jane Hurd, Paul Charnock and Gordon Bilsborough will drive forward the organisation’s agenda.

The group hope to be more proactive going forward and they’ll spend more time looking at regulatory changes, such as the Carers’ Support Bill, to see how these will impact on the islands’ services.

Adrian explained that the islands group was already ahead of their Cornish counterparts.

Healthwatch’s key projects this year will be to continue to increase the number of mainland health appointments that can be completed in a daytrip and more mental health carers on the islands.

Manager Carol Clarke said that was also one of the priorities of the Council’s Health and Wellbeing board.

There’s also a perception amongst members that there’s a problem accessing regular dental check ups. Carol has been assured that anyone who wants a routine check up can have one and she’s meeting a dental manager from Peninsula Health to discuss that today.

The health watchdog will also push for more video consultations with mainland-based consultants. Carol told the AGM that the GP lead was very keen to reduce unnecessary mainland travel.

And accessibility of travel will also be monitored over the next year. Not all locals are able to easily get into the smaller Islander aircraft and members heard it was possible to talk to the Steamship Company to express a preference for the larger Twin Otter flights.