Scilly’s Unique Sailing Challenges To Feature In Popular Yachting Magazine

sailing boats porthcressa bayScilly’s appeal to the sailing community will be featured in a popular yachting magazine this summer.

Dick Durham from Yachting Monthly has been touring the islands’ waters to get a feel for their unique challenges and what they offer to enthusiasts.

Dick, an experienced sailor, says on the chart, Scilly looks quite daunting with hundreds of islands and rocks to navigate around.

He’s been shown how to avoid the biggest hazards and use the various navigational markers on the islands, by local expert Peter Kyne, who wrote “A Sailor’s Guide to the Isles of Scilly.”

The islands aren’t for the faint-hearted or sailors who prefer sipping Pims in the Solent, he says, and you have to like “getting back to nature” with no fancy marinas or pontoons to step onto.

The islands also test many of the old seamanship skills that are dying out, like navigation, anchoring and tendering to shore. They’re not the easiest to get too either, but once you’re here, Dick feels the sailing is very safe whatever direction the wind is blowing from.

He’s sailed all over the world, in places like the Caribbean, the Mediterranean and Thailand but feels the Scillies are the top cruising location in the UK and can hold their own on a world scale.

He hopes his six-page article will spread the magic of Scilly to his magazine’s readers, which is due to be published in July. You’ll also be able to see a video, which is being shot at the same time on

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