Scilly’s Healthwatch To Hold First AGM This Evening

Carol Clarke from Healthwatch

Carol Clarke from Healthwatch

The group that holds islanders’ health and social service providers to account is holding its annual general meeting tonight.

It’s the first AGM for Scilly’s Healthwatch since it was renamed and gained additional responsibilities from the old LINk4Scilly organisation.

Manager Carol Clarke says she’ll outline their monitoring role tonight and there’ll be information about who to contact for advice on a range of health topics.

Healthwatch recently reported locals’ concerns about medical disruption during the winter. Carol will discuss those issues and she says progress is being made in encouraging health providers to offer islanders more flexibility.

Tonight all attendees will be asked for their medical provision concerns so the group can compile the top five issues. Those will shape their priorities over the next year.

Carol says they’d also like more board members and she’d love to hear from anyone who wants to concentrate on a medical issue or has concerns that they feel strongly about.

You don’t need specific medical knowledge to contribute and make a difference, she says.

The session at the Church Pavilion, from 6.30pm, will be more of a community event and less of a business meeting, she says.

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