Scilly Promoted At Royal Cornwall Show

royal cornwall show 2013
The biggest promotional push of the year to encourage visitors to Scilly is launched today.

The Islands’ Partnership is attending the three day Royal Cornwall Show at Wadebridge and representatives from the Duchy, Steamship Company, AONB and food businesses will join forces in a single pavilion that organisers claim will represent the essence of Scilly.

Dave Meneer is in charge of marketing for the islands’ tourism body. He says the strategy is simple. The team will try to talk to as many of the 134,000 expected visitors as possible and encourage them to come and visit.

They’ll be offered the chance to enter a prize draw, which means that the Islands’ Partnership can build a database of email addresses.

Dave says the Scilly space looks the part, being an “oasis of blue and white in a sea of green and brown.” He says there are plenty of large photographs of the islands, lots of soft furnishings and chances for people to sample the local food.

From Radio Scilly

Dave Meneer taks about Scilly’s pavilion at the show

Chris Gregor says why the show is so important

Dave won’t say how much their attendance will cost but he says it’s a “pretty penny” and one of their largest outlays. But they’ve also made their money go as far as possible, since many Partnership members have helped out.

Chairman of the islands partnership Chris Gregory says attracting Cornish visitors is very important. Chris says there’s a huge affinity for the islands in Cornwall and while walking around last year’s show, he felt there was an opportunity being missed.

And key message for the team will be that Scilly is open for business and easy to visit. It follows a common misunderstanding that people can’t easily travel here since the helicopters ended operations last November.

The Scilly pavilion makes it very clear we’re open for business and easy to get to, says Chris.