Committee Hears Children Find Some RE Topics Scary

The Five Islands School

The Five Islands School

The Council committee that advises the school on religious education matters has heard that some children can find the subject scary, particularly when discussing terrorism.

Kevin Leeman, one of two teachers on the SACRE committee, a statutory body that all Councils in the UK have run, said children often only hear about Islam in the context of war from news programmes.

And he says while some children enjoy getting engaged with current affairs, some can find it so scary and controversial that they prefer to get to other lessons as quickly as possible.

He says young people have so much to deal with these days that they need to be taught ways to cope with the information.

Kevin’s comments came during a discussion on the Governments ‘Prevent’ programme, which looks at tackling violent extremism and terrorism in younger people and has already been rolled out to the Five Islands School.

The committee also discussed how religious organisations and charities in Scilly were very active in delivering community services on the islands, including meals-on-wheels and the charity shop.

Methodist Minister Charlie Gibbs says his congregation gives 10% of all their takings to charity and they felt so strongly about the community that members had met every Monday for three years specifically to pray for the islands.

And he says he’s not there just to manage the church on the islands, but to be there for absolutely anyone in time of need, no matter what their background or what they have or haven’t done.

Members of the committee were asked if they’d like to send someone to a European conference for RE teachers in Malmö, Sweden this summer. It’s though that would help with their professional development but it will cost around £1,000.

Chairman Chris Savill felt it was bad timing, given the current state of the Council’s budgets and they’ll need to have further discussions with the teachers involved.